Hide My Tracks

Here are some ways to reduce the likelihood that someone could trace your online activities.


Internet browsers like Firefox and Microsoft Edge are designed to pick up information from the websites that you visit. While it’s hard to guarantee that your internet activity is untraced, there are some simple steps that you can take to hide your tracks.


If you know that you don’t want your history recorded in advance, you can activate your browser’s “Private” mode. Browsing in Private mode ensures that your browser doesn’t retain the information that it gathers from the websites that you visit. Closing your Private mode window returns the browser to its usual mode.


If you’d like to erase browsing data that’s already been collected, follow these steps.

If you suspect that someone is actively monitoring your internet history, a completely empty browsing history may seem suspicious. Consider doing additional unrelated browsing after clearing your browser history to cover for any information that may be missing.